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Art Projects


There are 4 art groups weekly, and all individuals are encouraged to attend if it can be incorporated into their programme.  Although the original aim of improving hand skills and visual sensibility is on-going, the therapeutic value of using colour and imagination has become evident over the years the groups have been running.  Imaginative mark-making is encouraged and this year in particular we are trying to encourage the development of design-skills and an awareness of pattern.

Within the art groups “Sometimes less is more, and individuals just need a gentle prompt to leave the beautiful marks which have formed on their paper through their use of paint, pastel or ink.  Other individuals may need constant encouragement to progress and improve their work over a number of sessions; then there are some of our cohort who just like to complete a piece each time they come to art.  It’s our job to encourage and instil confidence as well as to develop skill where possible.”

Without doubt, our individuals love a purpose for their art, and collaborative projects over the years have included ‘Many hands for Maureen’ (on display in in the reception area by a small group of 5 individuals), the triptych in one of the group rooms (completed jointly by a small group of 4) as well as requests from others for artistic additions to their rooms.  The meeting room and corridors also boast individual art-work, transforming these areas with energy, colour and personality.