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One of our service users.

Our Service


Hayfield Support Services enhances the lives of Deaf people with additional care needs by providing a highly person centred approach, seeking out the person’s individual choices and preferences and assisting them to plan their desired outcomes.

Hayfield offers a range of flexible support services that are designed round the needs of the individual.  We measure the effectiveness of our provision when we see an individual develop a sense of independence and identity, experience inclusion and personal achievement.

Care & support...


…is provided in small care homes and individual tenancies, Care at Home & Housing Support Services, and which incorporates meaningful daytime activities and experiential learning opportunities.

People have the opportunity to socialise with Deaf peers, develop and sustain meaningful relationships, improve their sign language and manage their emotions in an environment that promotes, models and supports positive behaviour.

Our facilities...


…and locations have support on site and all are well appointed and some also have quite extensive garden areas.

All facilities are close to local amenities, health and leisure opportunities, as well as being near transport services to Glasgow City Centre.  Support is provided to those who require extra care when out and about.



…is essential to service user participation and strengthening their voice is at the heart of everything that we do.

Hayfield actively creates effective ways to reach out to each person to enable them to represent and navigate their unique pathway of wishes, decisions and future desires.

The input...


…of programmes and support are delivered by the Hayfield team who are trained in and promote the use of British Sign Language (BSL) and also provide a variety of methods of visual and digital media, designed to cultivate and foster the individuality and distinctive signing skills of each person.

An innovative and inspiring team find ways to make a difference to individuals within a value based approach to challenging behaviour.

Building confidence...


…self-esteem and self-reliance is promoted within the ‘It’s My Life, It’s My Way’ culture of Hayfield.  We encourage people to be successful learners, effective contributors and responsible citizens.

We support them to be & feel better about themselves.

To be safe, comfortable, listened to and valued.



… & maintaining new skills and abilities is the recognition of a person’s development and success.

It can be the small things that make a big difference to a person’s life and supporting the person to do small things on their own, leads to them feeling a sense of self achievement and satisfaction.

Accessing community...


…resources and facilities is actively encouraged and includes health care practices, other medical services, colleges, cinema, theatres, deaf clubs, libraries, sports/leisure centres and public transport services.

Enhancing social...


…networks, makes people feel less lonely or isolated.

Deafness, in itself, can compound a person’s isolation.

Building on new relationships creates a long lasting sense of belonging, self-worth and self-confidence.

Quality outcomes...


…are discussed at 6 monthly review meetings where the person, people from their circle of support, and local authority funding representatives are invited to attend

The key...


…is if possible to maximise available potential and support an individual to whatever future they wish, such as a good quality of daily life.

Alternatively is the opportunity for providing enhanced care at home, where an individual can have their own tenancy and still have 24/7 support to the level they require and need, to meet their personal outcomes.

”  The Hayfield staff team aim to support individuals to be comfortable with their surroundings, secure in the knowledge that staff are there to assist them at all times to be happy and contented.  “

Services Hayfield Can Provide

Care Homes

Residential care home support with personalised input available from a dedicated and knowledgeable team.

Individual Tenancies

Individual tenancies also with 24/7 support tailored to the individual needs and desires of each individual and providing care at home and housing support

Local Support

Support Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 4.30 for those who live locally; either independently or with family.

Initial Assessment

Deaf people referred to Hayfield undertake an assessment period for two purposes- usually 6 weeks, but can be longer if required.   Firstly to find out if they enjoy the service and secondly for the care staff in Hayfield to find out the aspirations the applicant has for their life.  To initially work with the individuals to make recommendations for future support and service provision which best meets their needs and desires.  Nearing the end of the 6 weeks the paying authority, relevant professionals and carers are invited along with the potential service user to a meeting to discuss what they want for their future.  If the assessment period is successful than a place is offered.

Following a successful assessment period, a personal profile and package of care is devised to suit the needs and wishes of the individual.  A care plan, risk assessment including detail of methods and input to achieve outcomes is established.

Extremely beneficial to Service Users is a commitment to the dedicated resource at Moffat Street, Monday to Friday, which is the hub for numerous opportunities within Day Support, in the local community and sometimes even further afield.


Referral Information

For further information on the Referral process, including the criteria and to download the application PDFs please click the link above.

Its our life...

Hayfield good.  Hayfield my family.  Staff help.  Good friends.  I like to learn.  I like communication, helps me to sign and learn.  I like drama, good fun, laughing, dressing up.  I like trips, boat trip and the zoo.  Staff help me to go to college.  I like cooking with JP.


Hayfield Service User

I like Hayfield.  Staff good.  Friends good.  I like swimming group and walking group.  I like yoga and relaxation.  I like summer trips to M&D’s and The Zoo.  I like numeric skills group, I learn to tell time and count money.  I like going for coffee.


Hayfield Service User

I love my flat.  Its great having visitors, and my girlfriend can even stay at the weekend.

I enjoy cooking meals, buying new furniture, and even got the rooms painted the colours of my choice.

I get support from staff if needed to help pay my bills, to go shopping, doing housework and while I am independent I always know that I can go to the communal flat for a chat with my friends who also live here.

BSL Translation

Service User - Fielden Street Project

Hear from some of our staff...

Care Support Worker


Hand Signing


One of my main motivations in accepting a temporary post in Hayfield was the opportunity provided to learn sign-language.  I remember watching staff sign with residents and at meetings and was in awe of their ability to communicate about some profound behavioural issues with the same residents I myself could only scratch out a basic conversation with. Twenty plus years on, and I still love signing with the guys in the course of my daily work to interact, be social, as well as instruct, soothe, challenge and counsel.  Communication is so much more for our guys. I remember doing my SVQ after having been in the job for a number of years, and I stressed that it was going to be this great big extra chunk of work but when I did it I realised, this is stuff I know, and all I need to do now is prove I know it!

Hayfield provides an extensive grounding of good practice methods, with so many positive role models and you’re learning without even realising. There are so many functions of communicating and so many aspects to understand.  Some of our individuals really ‘get’ the social aspect of chatting in spite of their additional challenges, where others may have apparently good signing skill, yet have poor social understanding.

Every day at Hayfield is different, every group a new opportunity for laughter and fun and sometimes crossed words and challenges; staff need to be flexible enough to make the most of these human situations, to smooth out misunderstandings in a fair and consistent way and get the best out of people. It’s not always easy but there’s no better feeling than, sometimes, getting the balance right ! I remember when S first came in for his assessment; he would just sit and watch everything, and he was always really tired, I think with all the medication he was on.  We managed to get his medication reviewed, and what a difference !  I mean he’s still not running races or anything, but just seeing the enjoyment he gets from getting out for his paper every day, it really stimulates him.

Community Experiences

Hayfield positively and keenly encourage the usage of numerous community based opportunities for extensive social, educational and recreational experiences as an integral part of the service we provide.

Staff help me learn.  I like different sports ie swimming, weights, table tennis, snooker and badminton.  I like college.  Staff help me at college.  I learn to use computers.  I go to college for sports course.


Hayfield Service User



“We always knew she was well cared for but it has been proved to us over and over that you all go out of your way and love her as much as we do.

Not only did you care for Ina but you made the experience a lot easier for us.  Staff were able to put our minds at rest and keep us calm at times of extreme worry.

Hayfield as an establishment should be proud to have such caring staff.  We as a family send our heartfelt thanks and best wishes to you all.”

13th July 2019

Michelle, family member

Hayfield Service User

“You only really get a feel for how much work goes into supporting the service users once you’ve shadowed a good few shifts in the groups.  The staff make it look straightforward, but you quickly realise there’s a lot of work goes on in the background and it’s not all afternoons at the bowling.”

Relief Worker


“Thank you all so much for organising my daughters 30th birthday party and giving her such a wonderful time, it has totally exceeded what I could have ever expected for her.”


Hayfield Service User

“it was a pleasure working with the team at Hayfield and seeing that they were doing such a great job with the service user and that they were all so committed to their roles”

Visiting Trainee Psychologist

Community Learning Disability Team

“Hayfield’s a fabulous place, the staff are brilliant, so experienced, and they know their clients so well.  Very knowledgeable on deafness and additional needs and really open-minded.”

Autism Studies Tutor

University of Strathclyde