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Music & Drama

This session gives the service users the opportunity to express themselves through the use of props.  The session helps to develop their imagination and thought processes as well as increase their confidence and self esteem.  There is also a focus on facial expression, body language and understanding of emotions.

Drama sessions also aim to develop their communication and social skills, while highlighting the importance of turn taking.  The guys within the session now have an understanding of the concept of drama.  They are able to create scenarios with the use of pictures and props.  Memory and transfiguration games are also incorporated into the session.  The guys seem to really enjoy the session and always get fully involved.

The percussion group uses a varied amount of instruments so that the vibrations created can be felt by the Deaf users.

Learning different rhythms and having fun expressing a diverse amount of emotions is invaluable to some individuals who can find it difficult to express how they feel using other types of communication or have limited communication skills.

Gentle exercise and dance group originated as a gentle and accessible means of keeping physically active and mentally agile.  Primarily aimed with full inclusivity in mind, no matter the individuals’ physical, motor or learning challenges, the group now attracts around 20 individuals with a wide range of functional abilities for a weekly session.  We practice social greeting, confident walking, incorporating aspects of dance, rhythm and movement control. Uppermost in mind is enjoyment, confidence building and team-building, while the principal objective of developing imitation and gross motor skills evolves naturally.  Challenges in concentration, proprioceptive sense, coordination and social difference are addressed obliquely within the group in a non-threatening manner.

Regular involvement stimulates agility and flexibility.  Furthermore, individuals returning to the group year on year benefit from prolonged involvement as some may take time to learn and develop new skills.