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MS supported Ina to make this sweet treat on the 8th of June.. an old favourite!


40z potato (a dry potato is best)

160z  icing sugar

Dark or milk chocolate (cooking chocolate)

Desiccated coconut


Boil the potato , drain and mash …allow to cool completely.

Begin adding the icing sugar , about a cup at a time , the mixture WILL become gooey  just keep adding the icing sugar and soon it will have a fondant texture.

Add enough icing sugar so that it comes together and is very stiff.

Prepare a sheet of parchment paper to place mixture on, at this point roll the macaroon into your shapes  rectangle the traditional  shape or balls. Keep in freezer until ready to dip in chocolate.

Place in freezer for about 4hours.

Toast  your coconut by cooking it on a low heat for about 8 minutes, stirring continuously. Then mix some untoasted coconut through.

When you are ready to finish macaroon bars melt  the chocolate  then dip macaroons into chocolate  and immediately coat in the coconut….. ITS MESSY!!! BUT FUN!!!

Once the chocolate has set  the bars are ready to eat.




Look out for more of Ina’s yummy recipes!