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Fiona has cooked “Cod Pesto Parcels” Today.  Yvonne has asked Fiona some questions about her recipe!                                                                        


YK; Hello Fiona, That looks lovely. I like all the colours, Have you made Cod parcels before?

FT; Yes i have made them both with Cod and Haddock. I Like the colours too.

YK; I only have pesto with pasta, is it nice with fish?

 FT; I use pesto with pasta too. It’s nice with fish.

YK; Could you use any pesto?

FT; Yes, I’ve seen red pesto you could use that and mix up the vegetables. Use anything you like.

                                                             YK; Thanks Fiona, i will try make the one you have made.

                                                             FT; Thanks.


One portion of Cod/Haddock, 1/2 courgette, 1/2 a yellow pepper, a few cherry tomato, drizzle of olive oil, pine nuts(optional), any herb you wish.

1. Wash  the vegetables and chop the pepper and courgette.  Keep the tomatoes whole.

2.Place the fish on a large piece of tin foil or parchment paper.  Spread the fish with the pesto.

3.Place the veg on the fish and drizzle with a little oil.  Fiona used garlic oil,  yummy, add herbs if you have them.

4.Wrap the tin foil or paper into a parcel. Place in the oven for approx. 15 to 20 mins.

5.Add the pine nuts at the end if using.

6.Keep the parcel open for the last 3-5 minutes.

Look out for more recipes next month.