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Cody’s Visit

Cody the dog came to visit one of the Care Homes on the 31st of July. Everybody loved him and Cody loved the attention even more. He was spoilt with cuddles by all. He took a liking to Trish! So much so he cried & whined when she left to attend day-support 🙁 Cody...

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Edinburgh Zoo day trip

                                                     The recent Bank holiday Monday, TC residents invited their friends from BST to join them on a trip to Edinburgh zoo! Everybody jumped at the chance. We set off early on the Megabus. Once at the zoo we were all...

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Ina’s Macaroons!

   MS supported Ina to make this sweet treat on the 8th of June.. an old favourite! Ingredients;  40z potato (a dry potato is best) 160z  icing sugar Dark or milk chocolate (cooking chocolate) Desiccated coconut Method; Boil the potato , drain and mash …allow to cool...

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Horse Riding at Linn Park

On Tuesday 9th April a group of us went to the equestrian centre up at the Linn Park for a  riding lesson.      Everyone involved did really well with their lesson and followed what was being asked of them without any difficulties....

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Ina’s Breakfast wraps

This months recipe is from Ina 🙂 Breakfast wraps! Ina bought a version of the breakfast wrap frozen from a supermarket. she liked the idea but the items themselves were disappointing. Yvonne suggested making them from scratch at home. The finished wraps were much...

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